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National Infantry Museum Exterior
National Infantry Museum - Follow Me
National Infantry Museum
Last 100 Yards
Last 100 Yards
Desert Storm - Day 1
Desert Storm Day 2
National Infantry Museum

The National Infantry Museum

Visitors to the National Infantry Museum pass through a series of full-scale immersive environments that portray dramatic turning point moments in major wars where the U.S. Army Infantry has taken "the last 100 yards" and thereby changed the course of history.


A powerful final signature film featuring the voice of  Sam Elliot concludes the visitor experience. Winner of the THEA Award.

Exhibit Design: Christopher Chadbourne & Associates

Production Company: Donna Lawrence Productions

Creative Director/Director: Donna Lawrence

Producer: Laury Christensen

Art Director: John Murphy

Still Photography: Harlan Hambridge

Talent: Sam Elliot 

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