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National WW I Museum
National WWI Museum - Plan view
National WWI Museum-Horizon Theater
National WWI Museum - Trenches
National WWI Museum
Nat'l WWI Museum - Interactive Table
National WWI Museum
National WWI Museum
National WWI Museum
National WWI Museum

National World War I Museum


The global story of World War I is brought to life through a variety of immersive multi-media environments, audio alcoves, video murals, two state of the art 12-person interactive tables and two signature films.


The Orientation Film explores the brewing global conditions that would fatefully erupt into the Great War. The Horizon Theater, incorporating a multi-projector 100 ft film with a theatrically lit battlefield tableau, depicts the turning point when the United States decided to enter the war. Laury served as Producer for all linear and interactive media.


Exhibit Design: Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Creative Director & Director: Donna Lawrence

Producer: Laury Christensen

Art Director: John Murphy

Scenic: Taylor Studios

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